Tribute to Clive Blake

Following his passing last month, the life of Clive Blake was celebrated at St Andrews Church in Redruth on Friday 8th September 2023, attended by RCT Trustees Chris, Nigel and Alan. Having served as a Trustee of RCT for twenty years, including ten as Chairman, current Chair of Trustees Chris Hailey penned these memories of Clive and his contribution.

Clive was a very well respected GP in Redruth serving for over 35 years at Green Lane and Manor Surgeries. He had a full life in medicine and community life was so important to him. 

He was a very quiet, peaceful man who had a great sense of humour with many life skills in sport and art. He was a loving family man and was dedicated to Sheila, Tom and Tim. 

Clive was a trustee of the originally named ‘Redruth Social Services Committee’ and took the Chairman’s role in the early 1990s. He was in post and very much involved when the organisation became a registered charity in 1993 and changed its name to Redruth Charity Trust. 

We spent many hours meeting in his consulting room where there was always good banter but positive progress. He oversaw this transitionary chapter of the charity until 2004 when he stood down from full time work and the Trust.

He was an important Trustee and man of the town of Redruth and will be genuinely missed. He will be remembered for his lifetime of work in medicine and community, and Redruth Charity Trust was a richer organisation for his leadership.

I have had the privilege of following in his community-focused footsteps with the Trust since 2004. We will certainly do our best to continue his legacy of charitable giving in our town and district. 

RIP Clive.

Chris Hailey, Chairman RCT

Newspaper cutting from 2004, reporting Clive’s retirement from Redruth Charity Trust