Treleigh County Primary try Tri Golf

Working with Clubs or Schools

Year six pupils at Treleigh County Primary were treated to a Tri Golf session this week, delivered by the Cornwall Golf Development Officer Simon Wood, a golf professional, and Radnor Golf Club. Using equipment supplied to Radnor Golf Club at the recent Redruth Charity Trust Youth Awards Evening, thirty pupils enjoyed a variety of fun exercises teaching them the basics of the game, many trying the sport for the first time. Treleigh school are linking up with Radnor Golf Club after half term, giving pupils a chance to develop their new found skills over a period of after school sessions at their local golf club. It is also Radnor Golf Clubs aim to take the Tri Golf experience in to other local schools, continuing the current National Golf Month drive to get more people in to golf.

Pictured, l to r , Steve Proctor, deputy head at Treleigh, Simon Wood, Cornwall Golf Development Officer, Jon Barber, Radnor Golf Club, Chris Hailey, Chairman of Redruth Charity Trust.

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