Ten young students from Redruth’s primary schools have been rewarded for making a difference to their school and community by Redruth Charity Trust (RCT).

The RCT Fred Harris Education Award Scheme has two facets; to reward students and support school libraries. The latter of these constitutes thousands of pounds and will be presented in September, at the start of the new school year, while the student presentations are naturally timed at the end of the school year when the Year 6 students depart for their next educational journey.

Nominated by their teachers, RCT Trustees visited the ten schools in the district during the final days of the academic year to surprise the winning student in each and award them with a certificate and £50 Amazon voucher.

RCT extends its grateful thanks to Amazon and their team at Redruth Delivery Centre DRR1 for supporting the Fred Harris Education Award scheme with £500 to cover these vouchers.

2023 Fred Harris Education Award Winners

Curnow Lower School – Ollie Burns

Ollie has made tremendous strides in his communication, reading and writing this year.  He is now able to write to communicate, this had had a positive impact on his wellbeing, allowing him to communicate his wants and needs when he is unable to do so verbally.  He participates fully and enthusiastically during literacy lessons, allowing him to be a great role model for the rest of his class.  This year in the school performance he sang a solo section and led cardio drumming in his class performance based on the musical ‘We Will Rock You’.  Ollie has a great sense of humour and loves to interact and have fun.
Ollie is a pleasure to teach and surprises us every day with his abilities and problem solving.  We are very happy to be able to nominate him for this award.

Pencoys Primary School – Naphisa Thompson

Naphisa is a great friend and is kind and caring to everyone she meets. She always tries hard in all lessons and works to the best of her abilities in every subject.With a great imagination, she has awesome creativity and excels at art and storytelling.

Naphisa learns the drums and is a talented performer. Outside of school Naphisa is a member of R.O.A.S.T.ys dramatic club and loves performing in musicals like The Little Mermaid. Sport is something else Naphisa loves and she is a proud member of Phoenix Gymnastics.

Trewirgie Junior School – Joshua Graves

Josh is someone who has great maturity and always tries his best in everything he does. He is a wonderful writer and wrote an amazing poem about making the world a better place for his home learning. He is also a talented mathematician who has previously represented the school in maths competitions. He is also a maths champion. He has been to other classes lower down the school and help with lessons and has been helping to work out the profit made from the ice-lolly sales.

Josh is hard-working, thoughtful and trustworthy. He epitomises the school motto of ‘My Best Always’.

Treloweth Primary School – Phoebe Webber

Phoebe is a resilient and determined individual. She is always positive, even when things are tough, and she brings joy to those around her. At her core, Phoebe is kind-hearted and always makes time for others. She is a proud member of Illogan FC under 11s and is a positive role-model- always showing exemplary sportsmanship. Phoebe is also a school librarian who works throughout her free time at school to keep it a nice space for others. Phoebe works hard in school and as a result makes great progress. Phoebe is a friend to everyone at Treloweth and we believe this award was made for her!

Illogan Junior School – Tatum Stevens

I am delighted to present the Fred Harris award to an exceptional individual who embodies the qualities of hard work, engagement, inquisitiveness, kindness and unwavering commitment. This individual has consistently demonstrated remarkable dedication in all aspects of their life. Whether it is in the classroom or on the field (playing football or horse-riding) this individual consistently gives their absolute best. They approach every task with a tireless work ethic, going above and beyond to achieve their goals.

A thirst for knowledge and a genuine passion for learning are at the core of this individual’s character. They actively engage in their studies, always seeking to expand their horizons and explore new ideas.

Beyond their academic achievements, this individual finds solace and joy in sports. They have represented Illogan School on a number of occasions in a range of sports and have always shown exceptional skill, commitment and sportsmanship. Outside of school, their passion for horse-riding shines through and recently came second in a county pony competition. Not only does this individual shine in their academic and sporting pursuits but also in their compassionate nature. They consistently demonstrate acts of kindness and empathy, showing genuine care and concern for their fellow students and community.

Portreath Primary School – Tamsin Beard

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Tamsin as a member of our school for the past seven years – she has grown from a quiet and shy little girl into a confident, caring and supportive young person who has a fantastic growth mindset and works diligently to always do her absolute best. During this school year she has taken on the role of School Ambassador, fulfilling the role perfectly and being an excellent guide for official visitors to the school as well as a library monitor and an excellent role model as a buddy to a child in reception. She has also represented the school in swimming.

Outside of school she is an active member of a local dance school and has shown off her dancing skills in a number of shows including Peter Pan and Story.

Tamsin can be relied upon volunteer to help anyone throughout the school  – children and staff alike.

We are very proud of Tamsin and all that she has achieved so far; we look forward to following her success as she moves on to secondary school.

St Day and Carharrack Primary School – Sophia Sellars

Throughout her time at St Day school, Sophia has always loved learning. She has a questioning and curious mind and loves to learn! She is an avid reader and will often spend time quietly reading and enjoying stories. She always follows the school Golden Rules and has always been a pleasure to teach. She is super quick at her multiplication facts and I think still holds the record in class for being the quickest and most accurate! Her story writing is superb and her story telling is even better – she often entertains the class with her wonderful writing.

She is kind to other children and shows empathy towards everyone. She is willing to help out around school and all the teachers say how wonderful she is to have in class. Her good nature, calm manner and great sense of humour will be missed by the school. 

Pennoweth Primary School – Fletcher Burrows

Fletcher was voted as Trebah tribal leader in his last few weeks of year 5. This means that he is a role model for the rest of the school and is clearly identifiable by his yellow jumper! Fletcher is incredibly mature, leads by example always and can be relied on by his peers and adults alike.

Fletcher is part of St Day football club and plays regularly in the community, including a trip to play in France to support his club. Alongside his sporting activities outside of school, he is a keen member of all school sports teams, having competed in cross country, football, and touch rugby during his time in year 6.

Fletcher is a gifted mathematician, which was shown by his performance at the NEXUS Maths Olympiad in 2022: he always shows enthusiasm in lessons and has a real love for learning.

Although Fletcher has type 1 diabetes, he does not let this hinder any opportunities that he is presented with and always does things with a huge smile on his face. Staff at Pennoweth and his supportive family are very proud of everything that he has achieved and know that he is set to achieve great things. Well done Fletcher!

Treleigh CP School- Senara Beever

Senara encapsulates all that the Fred Harris award is about. She is committed, attentive, driven and possesses a great stamina for school life. Academically, Senara is competitive and this compliments her drive for knowledge and success whilst still being supportive to her peers. Her extra-curricular activities are vast; being involved with Portreath Surf Lifesaving and athletics at Carn Brea through representing Cornwall Athletics Club. Senara fully participates in Treleigh through being an elected school ambassador, attending sports clubs and often representing the school in competitions.

Her positivity has shone through at each hurdle a year 6 presents with a tenacity for striving to be the best she can; this is increasingly apparent and impressive.

Lanner Primary School – Myah Grady

Myah is a wonderful member of Year 6. She is engaged, motivated and ambitious in all her learning behaviours. Every day, without fail, she gives 100% and nothing less. She listens carefully to others and can often be seen helping others in her kindness, sensitive manner. She is a fabulous role model. Myah’s pride in her learning shines through her books but she shines outside of the classroom too. She shows excellent ‘sportspersonship’, showing true talent in running and gymnastics.  Her general attitude exudes diligence, while her unassuming and humble nature has been admired by every adult in school. She truly is one of the kindness, most thoughtful pupils I have taught. Myah does not know how truly deserving she is of this award, she probably has little idea of the immense impact she will undoubtedly leave behind at Lanner. You are a worthy Fred Harris Award winner!