Fred Harris Education Awards 2020

£3500 donated in Redruth Charity Trust’s 2020 Education Awards

The 2020 Fred Harris Education Awards have been presented to the winning students in each of the ten schools in the Redruth area. For the first time, the awards ceremony took place virtually, via Facebook.

Since 2005, RCT Trustees have visited schools in the final days of the academic year to announce the winner and present the awards, yet the Coronavirus restrictions forced a rethink as to how the Trust presented the awards for 2020.  The Trustees felt strongly that the individual award winners deserved their moment to shine, and developed a digital solution.

Redruth Charity Trust awards a £50 voucher to one Year 6 pupil in each of the town’s ten schools that has made a difference to their school and community, in honour of Mr F.L.Harris (Trustee 1947-1990) who spent his lifetime working in education.  The schools nominate their winning students.

To the ten primary schools, RCT makes a donation towards their library provision. This year, thanks to the addition of five sponsors to the scheme, donations totalling £3000 have been made proportionately according to the school’s KS2 pupil numbers. The Trust thanks Julie Mitchell, Debbie Taylor, Patrick Orient, Alan & Sam Hailey and Alan & Maxine Milliner for supporting the scheme as sponsors.

In a broadcast on Facebook to open the presentation on Wednesday 15th July 2020, Chris Hailey, Chair of Trustees, said:

“The aim of the scheme is to provide funding for books so that the schools are able to offer exciting and engaging reading material in their libraries. It has been a tough year for Year Six; the students have missed out on many aspects of their final primary year, but the Trust was determined that they should not miss out on our Fred Harris Awards and the individual winners would be rewarded as usual.”

The 2020 winners are shown below, by order of the school’s size.

Trewirgie Junior School: Caitlin Young

The school said: “Caitlin is a kind, thoughtful, bubbly and reliable character. At school, she gives up portions of her week to do her prefect duty at lunchtimes to ensure things are running smoothly and does this seamlessly, often helping out others if she notices positions that need filling or jobs that need doing. She has been a valuable player for the school netball team and will give any other sport a go with 100% enthusiasm and commitment. Caitlin works very hard to achieve well in all academic subjects; but more than this, she is a loyal friend and loves a good laugh too.  She is also a keen dancer and attends ‘Bev-Lyn’ school of dance and takes part in local performances. This is why I believe she is the living embodiment of our school motto ‘My Best Always’. Caitlin is a true asset to our school and will be sorely missed when she leaves for secondary school, but our loss is Redruth School’s gain.”

Treloweth Primary School: Niamh Woodhead

The school said: “Niamh has absolutely shone this year and has been the most reliable child who we can call upon to represent our school fantastically at the drop of a hat. She is always an outstanding role-model to younger children and her peers. She has conquered many fears and has developed her learning and her personal self more than we could have expected.”

Pennoweth Primary School: Ethan Wilson

The school said: “Ethan is an excellent role model for not only the children in year 6 but the rest of the school. He spends his time at school working hard, listening well and making others smile.
Ethan is an excellent sportsperson and has represented our school on many occasions. When competing, Ethan is determined, is a super team player and shows respect for all players. We know that we can always rely on Ethan to be polite and respectful whether he is in the school building or representing Pennoweth at an event. Ethan has also been working towards his Sports Leader qualification and is a natural leader. 
Alongside his sporting achievements, Ethan has made excellent academic progress. Many children look up to him and people, children and adults alike, ask for his help and opinions regularly. Everything that Ethan does helps to make our school community positive and welcoming.”

Treleigh C P School: Arwen Ford

The school said: “Arwen encapsulates all that the Fred Harris award is about.  She is committed, attentive, driven and possesses a stamina for school and her extra-curricular activities that is seemingly endless.  Arwen fully participates in Treleigh through sports clubs, choir and volunteering for Year 6 weekly jobs often representing the school in competitions.  During the period of home learning due to the corona virus, she worked diligently on set tasks always staying in contact and sharing what she was up to.  Her positivity has shone through at each hurdle the year has presented with her capacity for striving to be the best she can is increasingly apparent and impressive.
Arwen’s attendance remains excellent even though her life outside of school is full of clubs, including judo – in which she competes at a very high level.”

Illogan School: Bethany Bowler

The school said: “Bethany is an extremely kind and considerate member of her class and a fantastic ambassador for Illogan School.  She genuinely cares for everyone around her and will always do her best to improve a situation. 
She is a determined young girl and if she sets her mind to something, she doesn’t give up and tries her best to achieve high standards. Bethany is always keen to help in any way she can and is supporting to her peers and adults.
Bethany has attended a wide range of school clubs and tackles any activity with enthusiasm and commitment.  As a Prefect this year Bethany has shown great care to the children in her link class and is always willing to go above and beyond her duties.  When showing prospective parents around the school she listens well, answers questions confidently and has been praised for her enthusiasm and caring attitude to younger children.
Bethany has been a committed Eco Warrior this year and she also cares for the environment outside of school. She has been saving crisp packets to raise money for rescued hedgehogs and also donates to a local donkey sanctuary. She shows commitment and ambition for an improvement to the world around her.  This year, in her own time, she wrote to her Headteacher with carefully thought out plans to make the school a better place.  She has also communicated with key environmentalists to share her views and ideas.  It is clear that Bethany has the drive and ability to impact positively on the world and we certainly need people like her right now.
Illogan School is immensely proud of Bethany and we feel confident that she will continue to be a positive force in her community as she grows up.”

Lanner Primary School: Amelia Tipler

The school said: “Amelia is an incredibly kind and sweet- natured girl. She always has been and continues to be a brilliant role model for our school.
Throughout the year, Amelia has shown excellent learning behaviours; from attending every additional booster session to completing homework to a high standard. Amelia can always be relied upon to do her best. 
Amelia is a driven pupil who never needs reminding to stay on task. She shows high levels of engagement and thinking skills by contributing frequently in every subject across the curriculum. These motivated, personable qualities are just a handful of reasons why she was chosen to be a Lanner Lion and a Play Leader.
Thank you for dedicating your own time at lunchtimes and playtimes to help and encourage the younger members of the school to play and interact beautifully. They have a had a super leader!”

Pencoys Primary School: Logan Moyle

The school said: “Logan has always worked especially hard in all lessons. He has a positive attitude and doesn’t give up when tackling challenges. During Lockdown, Logan has continued giving his all to his home learning.
Logan has always displayed impeccable behaviour and is an excellent role model for younger children in the school. This ensured he was one of the first children in the class to be awarded their Year 6 ambassador tie. He always shows brilliant manners and is an excellent friend to his peers.
Outside of school, Logan continues to show his hardworking and determined attitude. He enjoys taking long distance walks and bike rides. Over twenty-mile long bike rides are a regular thing for him and he will soon be taking part in his first mini marathon.”

St Day & Carharrack Primary School: Naomie Caitlin

The school said: “Naomie has been a pleasure to teach from the minute she began school . Her friendly, happy approach to school life has meant that she is popular with all her peers. She is conscientious in all her learning and always goes that little bit further to add that extra special something! She is a talented musician and plays for Carharrack and St Day Silver Band, representing them in many community events. Continuing on the music theme , she sings beautifully and is a key member of the school choir – always  reliable, always appropriate and always with a smile in her face!
Every member of staff will echo these thoughts and I know will be delighted that her talents as a student and as a young adult have been recognised. I know she will be successful next year and in her future she has all the right attributes – in spade fulls!!
I have already mentioned her infectious smile and that zest for life and enthusiasm needs mentioning again, she is an all round fantastic young lady and a joy to be around.”

Portreath Primary School: Oliver Holley

The school said: “Right from the start of his reception year Oliver has shown untiring enthusiasm for everything involved in school life.  He constantly strives to move his learning forward by seeking advice and support and challenging himself to be the very best he can, always working with  resilience and good humour. He is supportive of his class mates as well as being an excellent role model for the younger children.  Oliver can be relied upon to help others wherever he can and has been very visible around the school in this helping role.
Oliver’s interests are varied but a particular love of his is sailing – something that he is very knowledgeable about!”

Curnow Lower School: Christopher Wheaton

The school said: “Christopher has worked extremely hard on all aspects of his learning, particularly his reading and writing. He has also continued to work hard over the lock down period, requesting activities and working alongside his sister completing the work to a good standard, taking direction from her and accepting/asking for help when he needs it. He regularly sends the school pictures of his completed activities with a great big grin on his face showing his delight in showing off what he has achieved!”