Recognising 30 Years as Treasurer

Since 1989, Redruth stalwart Nigel Pearce has served as Treasurer of Redruth Charity Trust, a wholly voluntary yet extremely responsible role.

After 30 years, Nigel has decided it is time to step down from the Treasurer position, and we marked his significant contribution to the Trust in a surprise presentation at the 2019 Community Awards.

An engraved crystal tankard was commissioned by the trustees as a gift to thank Nigel for dedicating 30 years of voluntary service to Redruth’s historic charity. The continued support from Nigel’s wife, Susan, was also recognised with flowers.

Thirty years have slipped by quickly and I’ve enjoyed every minute of working on this unique charity. That is down to being part of a great team with a shared commitment to helping the groups that make our town the special place it is. I’m very much a traditional pen and paper man and I recognise it is time to move on to the 21st century and embrace the efficiency that digitising financial processes can bring, and I’m certain Malcolm Peters will bring things forward while I continue to enjoy serving the town as a trustee.

Nigel Pearce, Trustee and outgoing Treasurer

Malcolm Peters

Nigel will be handing his books to fellow Redruthian Malcolm Peters, who will take on the RCT Treasurer role from January 2020.

Nigel has been a trustee and the RCT Treasurer for 30 years, displaying a dedication to the Trust which is nothing short of outstanding.  We have worked closely together on this board for 29 years, and I’ve found Nigel to be a most dependable and discerning colleague, not to mention a well-connected and respected individual in our town, which has played a huge part in driving the Trust forward.  I am reassured that Nigel will remain on our team and we warmly welcome a fellow Redruth stalwart, and accounting professional, Malcolm Peters to the Trust as Treasurer.”

Chris Hailey, Chair of Trustees